Everything I've learned about growing startups, organizations and people.

About this blog

Why the name?

A grow light is a special kind of artificial light source used in gardening (often indoor). It mimics the properties of the sunlight and it is used for either complementing or substituting it.

My intention with this blog is providing a grow light, but for people instead of plants. In this context, the sunlight would be the first hand experience. Therefore, I hope the content I provide would be useful for people already gaining first hand experience in their day to day lives while the other people who don't have the opportunity to do so can get familiar with the topics and learn from the second hand experience.

Who am I?

Photo of blog's owner Ismail Coskuner

I am Ismail Coskuner , a growth enthusiast who worked with companies in all different stages from seed to public. I care a lot about creating diverse teams and organizations in a sustainable way. I believe the great talent is grown , not hired. I get excited when I work with a teamful of people who are not afraid of challenges .

Currently as an Engineering Manager at Lyft , I am leading a Growth Engineering team that focuses on spreading the Lyft brand and driving organic growth by building products that are useful, scalable and loveable at the same time.

Prior to Lyft, I co-founded DataScore , a marketing technology and consultancy company that helped early-stage startups to get off the ground and grow into well-known brands. In DataScore, I had a chance to work with 30+ start-ups from different verticals and help them find their voices while learning about the unique challenges in their verticals. DataScore got acquired by Lyft , one of our bigger clients, in 2017.

Before that, I was the lead software engineer at Speeddate.com , later acquired by Match.com thanks to it's rapid growth. Speeddate was the place where I first learned about the Growth Engineering concept and found out it is "the one" for me — pun intended :)