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On pursuit of Growth

A huge tree representing growth

You are here because you are looking to grow. Growth is like climbing a ladder that is going to infinity. Look too high or too low and you get dizzy. That's why one should only think about their current level and how to get to the next level. Here is a quick recipe I follow when I learn or get better at any skill:

  • First of all, have a growth mindset. You can do anything if you put enough effort behind it. Natural talent is overrated.
  • Know where you are in that skill's spectrum. For example, out of 100, how would you rate your current ability?
  • Having role models are great, but focus on the gap between you and people who are a couple steps in front of you (i.e: if you are a 10, try to become a 15 — not 50). If you compare yourself with the best, it could backfire and discourage you.
  • Improve yourself by working on the gap you identified, rinse and repeat!

The articles in my blog are the experience I gathered while climbing my own growth ladder. Some of them may be too basic or too advanced for you. Nevertheless, I hope you can find at least one article that will resonate with you and take you a step closer to your next level.